Source of Ergonomic and High-Quality Office Furniture

ERGO HEALTH USA began in 1996 in Washington State, with a focus on supplying the highest quality ergonomic products and seating to corporations and municipalities. Our founder, Mari Dodge, spent much of her career as a manufacturer representative in the office products industry, where she saw a need to find solutions for office workers getting injuries from repetitive stress. As more L&I claims were being filed, HR, Health and Safety, and occupations therapists from Boeing, Alaska Airlines, Fluke, Liberty Mutual, City of Seattle, City of Tacoma, and others, turned to ERGO HEALTH USA for correct ergonomic equipment. Ergonomic specialists worked with employees to assess posture, fit and function of new products to eliminate pain at their workstation

Today, 25 years later, the need for ergonomics at work is greater than ever. Working from home is here to stay, and work-life balance is the beginning of a new trend. Employees want to do work efficiently and productively and then spend time on other interests. ERGO HEALTH USA is committed to offering products, services, and training of the highest caliber.

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